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Hello, World! From My Blog.

Posted on: November 18, 2008

Yeah 🙂 I finally had a blog.

Two months ago I started to seriously think of having a web blog, as a way to express my thoughts online. So, I came to different options. Like building my own blog from scratch which is quite un applicable right now. coz building an effective, fully-featured blog is certainly a time consuming kind of job, and for someone who’s busy as hell just like myself here, is typically too difficult. So I went to another direction and thought, well maybe I can use WSS to build an effective blog quickly and easily. So I started to hit google and search for web hosts that support WSS and ofcourse I found way to many to many that will host any WSS content for me but none of them was free. So instead of being dispeared and let the idea of having a blog disappear -at least temporarly- from my mind, I accepted the solution of having a public blog on some blogging sites like MySpace or the one i’m using here WordPress. So I chose to start something -even a silly thing- better than waiting long time to start the perfect thing.


6 Responses to "Hello, World! From My Blog."

I wana share you that idea
remember, that’s me, who has the first comment in your blog ..

Hey Azzazy, and Congratulations for you too man! .. You’ve just made a history by being the first one to add a comment on my first blog post.

🙂 I started my Comment with a smile Cause I am really very happy about getting information very easily like that 🙂 . I was imagning u teaching me while reading ur article . I know u are happy too cause u get someone plus who red ur article.
Thanks, u told me what is Linq in about 20 min 🙂 really fantastic , be sure i will every article for u , u are saving time for me.

I expect that the static function which will have “this” in it’s parameters must have only one parameter no more

And There is Something that I dont know what will be it is result , see..
if we have two static classess have the same method like
static class IntMaths
public static bool IsEvent(this int integer)
// Implementation
static class IntOperations
public static bool IsEvent(this int integer)
// Another Implementation

so int x =5 ; If(x.IsEvent()) …..
Which IsEvent Function Will work

The static class is the best solution to use “this” keyword cause it will prevent Inherting so no overloading for methods that contain…

again , thanks

Congratulations On begining achieving your goals
Good Luck…….

Good work Man go a head

Thanks you all guys !

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