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So, you’re here .. Cool!

Thank you for visiting the only page in this blog that is entirely about me – hopefully you got interested in me, eh? 😉 Anyways, here’s “me” in a nutshel.

My name is: Ahmed Galal El-Halwagy I am a Software Developer with nearly two years of experience and during this little time I worked for 4 companies – believe it or not. I’m now working for Hindawi Publishing Inc. as a Software Developer. My expertise is mainly in Microsoft Technologies such as .NET, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, C#, Sharepoint, CRM and others. Though I’m a Microsoft guy who is gaining his food through Microsoft’s C#.NET and ASP.NET and other MS technologies, I took the liberty to investigate many other platforms, programming languages,  and technologies such as Linux, C/C++, Java , Ruby/Railsand others. I like to think of myself as someone who really likes to know, someone who always tries to have depeer understanding of stuff, and  at the very same time, someone who’s kinda lazy.

4 Responses to "About"

Congratulations Halwagy and always to forward .
ur bro .
amr elnashar

Thanks bro, BTW did you read the first post on LINQ section, if not, plz read it and tell me if anything is wrong. Thanks again.

welcome halwagy yarb daymn to forward

Peace be upon you,
congratulations, it’s very nice to have your own blog to share your experience with someone, it’s lovely to catch up.

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