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Yeah, I’m back.
I know it’s been a long time since I made my last blog post. Actually there’s no reason why I stopped blogging -besides being lazy of course. However, I’m back, and I’m back with big news. As you’ve read, the title of this post, is Google announced Chrome OS! -see the exclamation mark? I’m not going to claim -like others- that I was not shocked, actually I was. Why yet another operating system, ain’t Mac, Linux, and Windows enough already? Actually there have been a lot of explanations of this call of Goolge, since yesterday. Kent Beck wrote an interesting article about his vision of Chrome OS. Actually Kent’s article is very interesting -I’m sure you can judge that by reading only the title “Chrome OS is Worse, That’s the Point”. Kent, started his discussion with Chrome -the browser, it’s important to be specific from now on:). He mentioned that Chrome’s advantages overweights the disadvantages so that he uses it.

So I decided to try it, to simulate using Chrome as my operating system. I made it my default browser (in spite of Microsoft’s periodic attempts to change my preference) and expanded it to full screen. From then on I did everything I could on the web.

The key idea here -according to Kent- is that, It doesn’t matter if the new invention is better or worse, what matters is the alternatives that this new invention provides for people to do things they care for (I think email, and all web-stuff in general is something most people care for nowadays.

Innovations that start out worse need to be better at something new that matters. Imagine never having to install an application again. Never having to back up. Never having to reinstall the OS because it’s just gotten way too weird. I’d give up a lot to gain that. That was the point of telling you about my experiment: I’ve seen the future and it’s not so bad.

And here’s what Kent thinks MS, Apple, and Linux should do to stay strong on the desktop world:

To remain strong in desktop operating systems, though, Apple or Microsoft or the Linux desktops would have to abandon their current profit model, find a fresh ultra-simplification twist, and run the new business far from rational-but-doomed headquarters (Merlin, Oregon has a lovely abandoned sawmill site ready for development, in case you’re interested). They aren’t likely to do so, though, because it makes no sense

The question about the potential success or failure of Google Chrome OS will remain alive till a long time: -as Google Chrome OS will be shipped only later next year. I’m not sure! What do you think dear reader?



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